Five new language incubator wiki planets

I’ve added 5 new planet incubators for various languages that people have shown an interest in. They are:

Polish as been omitted as there is already a Polish Wikipedia planet.

To be clear:

  • These planets are run independently, and are not official. However, there is no competition here: I view these new planets as incubators, where feeds can be added and the planets can make a start. I will HTTP redirect these 5 new planets to the Planet Wikimedia equivalents as and when they come into existence. I’m happy to host them in the short or medium term, but ultimately I want for them to find a home with Wikimedia. Therefore, please add feeds according to Wikimedia’s directions (e.g. the blog author must request or explicitly permit feed inclusion), so that there can be a seamless transition using the same list of feeds later on.
  • It could be really super if there was an easier way for non-technical folks to manage their own feeds, without involving the developers. Editing the config.ini through subversion seems like a potential barrier to me (the turnaround time is a bit slower, I’m dubious about whether it scales, it requires too much technical knowledge, and it’s unclear what happens if the maintainer goes AWOL). In particular, it’s a problem for French, Portuguese, and Russian (where nobody has stepped forward offering to maintain the config files), and the incubator exists primarily for these 3 languages, so that they can start now.
  • I don’t speak any of these new languages (other than French at the level of a 2-year-old, which doesn’t count) – so please manage the feeds amongst yourselves, and please play nice together.

Good luck, and have fun!