Citizendium read-restrictions & quick technical notes

Is it just me, or can anyone else not read the new Citizendium site without logging in, including the following pages:

Having to login to edit, that I can understand (given the vandalism problems, and that it’s a pilot), but surely the above pages at the very least should be open for public viewing? Surely this stuff is “need-to-know” information for potential editors trying to determine if the project is for them?

I find hiding that stuff rather curious, and it made me curious about what else they’re doing. A couple of tech notes after a quick bit of poking around the new site, but not logging in :

As a personal opinion, at the very least I think they should allow anon access to Special:Export for pages in the main namespace, as well as the list of recent changes, because that way information can be shared in a two-way street between the Wikipedia and Citizendium. That would certainly be an interesting bot project for someone (to keep the two sites in sync, and flag those edits that cannot be automatically synced for human review), and if it results in better quality articles for either or both sites, then I’m all for it.

Also, there is a concept of interwiki links in MediaWiki (which makes linking to a special list of external sites easier). It could be nice to have the citizendium included in this list by default, if their articles are publicly accessible. Heck, if they come to the party, and share what they’re doing in an open way, I’ll even add it myself! (Of course, it may get reverted by someone else, but that’s up to them, not me).